Culley's X Epic Too Hot To Handle

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Inside this mixed pack:

1 x Culley's Applewood Chocolate Habanero

 - Throwing it back to Culley's original line of Hot Sauces, Applewood features the Chocolate Habanero Chilli combined with smoky applewood! It's a medium heat level the perfect combo of heat and flavour!

1 x Culley's Tropical Carribbean Hot Sauce

 - Culley's Tropical Caribbean hot sauce brings a medium heat and flavours from the tropics blended with perfection. A great everyday sauce with hints of mango, habanero, lemon, and coconut

1 x Culley's Ghost Chilli Hot Sauce

 - One of Culley's originals; the Bhut Jolokia is fiery, very fragrant and fruity with a slight hint of citrus. It’s well known with Indian style cuisine, particularly authentic curries, and also compliments meat, barbecues and tomato sauces.

1 x Culley's X Epic Hot Zombie Hot Sauce

- Made as a collaboration with craftsmen from Culley's and EPIC beer. With a passion for flavoursome Hot Sauces and well crafted beer, Hot Zombie sauce is the ultimate compliment to Hop Zombie Beer. Hot Zombie is blended with fresh orange Habaneros & Hops to create a flavour that really pops!

1 x Brews 4 the Dead 4 pack

 - Brew of the Living Dead IPA 330ml - 6.1%

 - 28 Haze Later 330ml - 6.2%

 - Count Dankula Hazy 330ml - 4.8%

 - Hop Zombie 330ml - 8.5%

1 x Rebel Six 6 Pack

 - Blue Low Carb 330ml - 4.8%

 - Count Dankula Hazy 330ml - 4.8%

 - High Score WCIPA 330ml - 6.7%

 - Haze Maze Hazy 330ml - 6.7%

 - Mandarina APA 330ml - 5.3%

 - NZ Pilsner 330ml - 5.0%