Barrel Aged Epicly Fiercely Intolerant 12% - 12 x 330ml

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Case contains 12 x 330ml bottles
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A year ago we made an incredible collaboration for Beervana with our friends from Fierce Beer of Scotland. We used a Scottish Ale yeast to give that "made in Scotland" feel. Lactose was added to give it an extra creamy sweetness to the Stout. We were reminded that we needed to put a warning on the label for people that are lactose intolerant, so we put it on the front label.

The beer was a big delicious smooth, round, sweet and roasty Imperial Stout with a deceivingly hidden 12% ABV. It was really good but we decided to make it really really good. Once we had our first taste of Intolerant we realised that it was the ideal beer to age in Bourbon barrels. The beer was big enough, not only in ABV (12%), but it has a full body and sweet finish. This meant that it would be able to handle the woody oak characters, and spirit notes picked up from the residual bourbon in the barrel.

We selected Four Roses Bourbon Barrels as they are only one of two major Bourbon Distillers in the US that are proud, and pay the premium, to use non-GMO grains in making their Bourbons. They also are unique in the fact they use 5 different strains of yeast to make their Bourbon. Anyway enough geeking out on what makes Four Roses Bourbon so great.

This beer is pure decadence. Ultra limited release, and one off batch. Make sure you get three. One to taste now, one to age, and one to trade.

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