Epic Brew of the Living Dead 6.1% - 24 x 330ml cans

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Case contains 24 x 330ml cans

Epic Brew of the Living Dead - 6.1%

An Undead IPA has respawned from the 440ml family of Zombies that you came face to face with last year. Now it's back and scarier than ever in a 330ml just in time for Halloween! We know how much you all loved this undead brew so we followed the same recipe as the previous Brew of the Living Dead batch. This tasty beer will take over your brain and leave you muttering "need... more.... hops...". We've tapped into one of the most aggressive hops; Pahto, delivering your brain an intense bitterness. There will be no rest in peace now... we suggest you RUN (to place an order)!

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