Epic - Player 1 & Player 2 - 24 x 440ml Mix

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Case contains 24 x 440ml cans
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12 cans Epic Player 1 West Coast IPA 6.7%
12 cans Epic Player 2 East Coast Hazy IPA 6.7%

Player 1 VS Player 2

Insert Coin. Press Start and Get Ready for the battle royale of modern brewing styles. You've selected Epic Player 1 West Coast IPA to be your defender against the legion of wannabee, has-beens and johnny-come-latelys of the beer universe. your secret weapon? An unstoppable triple key combo of boss-level hops. Bonus stage if you unlock all achievements and respawn as Epic Player 2 East Coast Hazy?

Player 1 - Red with the W on the chest shield. A classic West Coast IPA ,which we have become pretty good at making over the last decade. It is crystal clear, dry, with a firm lingering bitterness. The hops are big, bold, piney and resinous. Familiar and timeless.

Player 2 - Blue with the E on the chest shield. Your classic East Coast Hazy IPA which has a remarkably low bitterness, to let the malt sweetness and juicy fruitiness take over. New world, but an instant classic.

Both beers have similar combinations of malts and hops to create the backbone of the recipe. We have used New Zealand grown Pale Ale Malt, plus some of our favourite hop varieties Mosaic Columbus and Centennial. Similar ingredients, very different beer styles. Which Player will you choose?

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