Hop Taco 12 x 500ml 7% ABV

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Pack includes 12 x 500ml Bottles

  • Hop Taco could possibly be what a 7% ABV Corona might taste like (not really, this beer actually has flavour), and we suggest you might like to try it with a wedge of lime. A beer to have some fun with. Life can get way to serious some times, and this beer is not that. 
  • In this beer we not only used the traditional ingredients of malt, hops, yeast and water but have also added corn chips, taco shells, hot sauce Carolina Reaper chillies, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and black beans.
  • The beer presents with a Culley's corn chip yellow. Aroma has hints of corn. The flavours dance across your palate like a Mariachi band at Cinco de Mayo. The Carolina Reapers used in the mash tun perfectly marry to the bitterness on your tongue and leave a very slight curious tingle. The lettuce and tomato are similar to the colours on the label. Onions deliver the extra layers of complexity. The black beans? Well, they were an afterthought (and adding meat to the lauter tun didn't seem like the best idea.)