Epic Taproom


UPDATE: 23 DECEMBER - Opening Summer 2021...


UPDATE: 17 DECEMBER -  After a 107 days in a 20 day process we have finally been issued our Building Consent from the Auckland City Council. This means we are able to start the work on the new fire egress and the fire system we need to comply with the change of use to increase the capacity of the building for the Taproom. The Building Consent is also the last document needed for our Liquor License and we are just waiting for it to be sent to the DLC. This is all exciting but with it only being a few days before the Christmas break, we have our fingers cross we can get this all across the line in time.

Estimated Reopening - Summer 2021?


UPDATE: 28 OCTOBER - We are having to resubmit our Building Consent Application this week for a second time since August. The first time it was refused for many reasons, from what we are told was an overly zealous council worker. We would hope that we have the consent by early December. We will have to wait and see. A new update once we have more information.

Estimated Reopening - 2020?



UPDATE: 8 August - We got some good news this week. We got an update that we could apply for our Liquor License while we are waiting on the Building and Planning Certificate (since we had applied for it over three weeks ago). To get this certificate we still need to get the Building Consent to put in the fire exit. We are still waiting on the drawings from the architect to be able to submit our application for Building Consent. Building Consent we have been told is currently taking three weeks to approve.

The architect currently doing the drawings for the new fire exit so we can submit the Building Consent. The additional fire exit is to increase the occupancy of the building.

Estimated Reopening - Spring 2020

This is just how long it takes we are told.


Epic Beer HQ Taproom was launched as a popup in mid October 2019.

We have been operating with special liquor licenses on Fridays 4pm-8pm and Saturdays 1pm to 5pm. As well as a full range of Epic beers we offer a different Food Truck each week so there is always something super tasty to eat.

When there have been concerts at Mt Smart Stadium we will open on these dates and for the hours before the concert starts so you can come for a beer and a bite to eat.

Epic Beer HQ Taproom