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Do you ship beer internationally?
No, sorry we don't. This is due to the varying issues and complications with each countries customs and alcohol excise/tax laws.

Can I pick up beer from the Taproom?
No, not until we reopen the taproom again. We only have a liquor license that we can sell beer online. Part of the conditions are that we have to deliver the beer to the customer. You can't order it and come pick it up.

Where do you make your beer?
We contract brew our beer at Steam Brewing Company. Steam Brewing Company use to be the brewing arm of the Cock & Bull pub chain. Epic owner Luke Nicholas started his brewing career in January 1997 working as assistant brewer at the Cock & Bull, Steam Brewing Company. In 2004 brewing production was moved to the Auckland Breweries plant which Steam Brewing purchased. Luke was the General Manager and Head Brewer during the period 2004-2007. In this time the Epic brand was created, and ultimately Luke purchased Epic from Steam Brewing Co. and went out on his own. We still brew all of our beer at Steam Brewing.