the epic story

Founded all the way back in 2005, Epic has grown to become
one of New Zealand's most well-known craft breweries.

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Epic Beer was founded by Luke Nicholas. His Grandfather was a
homebrewer, and in his University days Luke also dabbled in
homebrewing. It wasn't until a trip to California that he discovered
the craft beer scene which opened his mind to beers like he had
never experienced before.

Returning to New Zealand, Luke went down to his local brewery
looking for a job. When there wasn't one, he still hung out
there and pitched in doing whatever he could. Eventually, they
created a role for him. 9 months later when the head brewer left,
Luke filled the role. With the New Zealand Beer Awards coming up,
Luke brewed a beer that would go on to be named Supreme

The most
awarded IPA

This was Armageddon IPA. Which started making waves and picking up "best IPA" awards in New Zealand, Australia, and
Sweden. Epic, right? Pun intended. Then the following year in 2006 it did it again at the New Zealand Beer Awards. This created the perfect storm of people seeking out Epic Beer.

Luke's approach is all about borrowing brilliance from the best. Want to make the best Ale? The English do it best, so English malt is a no brainer. Brewing a Pilsner? German and Czechs are masters of Pilsner, so using their malts makes sense.

But more important is the hop selection, for Luke, brewing is an art of pushing boundaries. Harvest time means a pilgrimage to the Pacific Northwest, places like the Yakima Valley, where he handpicks hops, selecting the finest, freshest ingredients that will come together and create a wow factor in the beers he brews.

Epic Brewing Company isn't just about brewing beer; it's about taking the best ingredients the brewing world has to offer, and giving them a distinct Kiwi twist. Luke, the maestro himself, obsesses over every detail, striving to be the best and turning each brew into a conversation starter and a damn good reason to raise a glass.

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Tap Room

Come visit us for good vibes, good pizza and fantastic beers.

230B Neilson Street, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

Thursday 3:30pm - Late
Friday 12pm - Late
Saturday 12pm - Late
Sunday 12pm - Late