Epic Beer HQ Taproom Opens Again As Beer Hall

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Epic Beer HQ Taproom Opens Again As Beer Hall

What an incredible night we had last night at the Epic Beer HQ Taproom. After an intense, busy, stressful, confusing week I think we pulled it of while complying with the distancing rules of Level 2. We turned a crazy mess that has been our lockdown home of packing Mixed Six Packs, and shipping online orders into an amazing Beer Hall with an inside food truck - Home Grown Food Truck.

I'm so proud of the team at Epic. Not only have they been work so hard all week getting the warehouse ready while doing their normal jobs, they then stepped it up and gave an huge performance and worked last night too. They are so great and I am so lucky to have such a great crew to work with. Having dedicated servers for each table was a massive undertaking.

I appreciate the patience of all our guests too as it was frantic as everyone arrived wanting to drink our delicious beer. It took a bit to get a handle on the new systems but we got there in the end. Also thanks for the patience from the people that had to wait a bit outside while we sorted things out and getting a table.

The biggest concern I had was being able to keep the un-insulated partial concrete tilt slab, iron roofed warehouse warm enough that people were comfortable. The warehouse at this time of year is basically like sitting outside, and last night it got down to 6C. With the spaced filled with people, the four outdoor heaters, and the Heat Boss, the temperature seemed just right. Those there were close to the door were offered blankets, but most were happy with their beer blankets.

The lighting turned out great thanks to Perfect Sound Solutions Ltd Most people wouldn't have realized that we actually only have three lights in the roof at one end of the warehouse. So at night the far end is pretty much dark.

If you came along I'd love to get your feedback on what you thought. Always great to get as much feedback as possible to keep improving on what we are doing.

Special thanks to Mark & Kelly It was you and all our visits to all those Taprooms in LA, on my visits over the last few years with you that inspired me to create this. Thank you. It would be cool to have you come experience this in person one day.

Epic Beer HQ Taproom being used as a warehouse during lockdown

Food Truck inside Epic Beer HQ Taproom


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