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Stout, the original craft beer. From a time when the world was awash in a sea of industrial lager, you could always find that one beer of difference; Stout. From the company whose brand was as strong as Coke, and the only beer that has its own annual holiday celebrated globally. Where everyone finds some distant relative from Ireland to justify taking the day off work and drinking Stout. Here is our homage to hope and choice when things looked as dark as the beer.The last couple of years we have released Beer Blanket and Fat Shady as more approachable...

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Epic has two of the Top 30 winners in the New World Beer & Cider Awards. Epic Sparks and Epic Lager won the praise from a panel of expert judges while competing against more than 630 other entries from New Zealand and around the world. Epic also had another two beers in the top 100 list...

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