Epic BLUE - Low Carb Pale Ale 330ml Can

Epic Set To Change NZ Beer Market Yet Again, With Epic BLUE - Low Carb Pale Ale

Posted by Luke Nicholas on

New Zealand now has a brand new Low Carb Pale Ale - Epic BLUE

Epic Brewing Company launched in 2005 to the ultra successful Epic Pale Ale which won Supreme Champion Beer of New Zealand at its first competition in 2006. Epic Pale Ale has been called the defining beer that changed beer in New Zealand forever. It's the beer that inspired a generation of brewers and beer drinkers to embrace beer with big aroma and big flavour.

Since then the achievements, accolades and firsts are unmatched by any other New Zealand craft brewery.

First US style Pale Ale - Epic Pale Ale
First US style IPA - Epic Armageddon IPA
First Double IPA - Hop Zombie
First Quadruple Brut IPA - Thirteen

Epic Armageddon IPA has won more Best in Class trophies than any single other IPA in the world.

Now again Epic breaks new ground by releasing a New Zealand, possibly world first. A Low Carb beer that just isn't about being low carb, it is about the flavour. It is a Low Carb Pale Ale that has the incredible hop aroma and hop flavour you expect from a typical Epic beer.

Luke Nicholas owner/founder of Epic Brewing Company says "we were shocked when reading that Low Carb beer sales were greater than the total Craft Beer market in New Zealand. On hearing this I could feel the pain of a great number of drinkers who were drinking low carb, but at the cost of a really delicious beer. It was time to help them out, as we did back in 2005 when we helped the whole of the New Zealand beer market with the wonderfully dry hopped Epic Pale Ale".

"We ran a trial batch of Low Carb Pale Ale to get the recipe right and that was released as our "Saturn V" Pale Ale over the winter. Since then we have reduce the alcohol to 4.8%, jiggled the hops around and have come up with what we think is a pretty outstanding and flavourful Low Carb Pale Ale."

Epic BLUE - Low Carb Pale Ale 4.8% Less than half the carbs of Epic Pale Ale. Brewed using a blend of Pale Ale and Pilsner malts to give the right balance of malt sweetness, body and pale golden colour.

The hops are the most important part of any Epic beer. We invest heavily into knowing where our hops come from and every season go to the hop fields to talk to the farmers we are buying our hops from.

Epic BLUE - Low Carb Pale Ale uses Centennial hops from C&C Farms and Mosaic hops from Perrault Farms both from the Yakima Valley in Washington, USA.

Epic BLUE - Low Carb Pale Ale is available in 330ml cans and in six packs from November 2019. 

Epic BLUE - Low Carb Pale Ale - 6 x 330ml Six Pack

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  • Hi Eric
    Saw you on tv just now. Because I am (outside of lockdown) a health practitioner, you may be pleased to know that I have had an news report on my clinic noticeboard over last 4 months announcing your low carb Epic Blue.
    Problem is that I have yet to try myself- Here in Wellington I still haven’t found where to purchase! Would be grateful for your giving me a contact here if there is one.

    Cheers and best of luck for your product during the lockdown
    Tim Haiselden

    Tim on
  • Help! How do I get hold of your magnificent epic blue in Christchurch, I’ve bought all the epic blue at Redcliffe NewWorld supermarket….I’ve looked for it elsewhere but to no avail…Help! I drink a reasonable amount of beer…but this is the first time I have found one I actually like..
    Well done guys. And please HELP! Me locate some more…. thanks

    Graeme pillidge on

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