EPIC - Brass Magazine July 2006

Epic Pale Ale has a small review in Brass Magazine Issue #24 (July/August 2006) ==================================== Epic Ale You gotta try this beer as it really is 'Epic'. At the recent New Zealand International Beer Awards Epic beat 198 other entries to take out the title of Supreme Champion Beer. Epic Pale Ale from the Epic Brewing Company - the Brewery are of the hugely successful Cock & Bull Group is definitely a 'winner', and when you try it you'll go 'WOW'. This beer is 5.4%alc/vol, has a big aroma and delivers on taste. Just suck it back, or for those who care, sit back, relax and enjoy the big flavours from the 15 hops per bottle. This is one of those beers you'll want to hunt down at your local bottle shop or supermarket, and if it's not on the shelf just yet, make sure they get a pallet in - cause you'll be back for more! www.epicbeer.com [page 12] ====================================

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