How Google Translate turned Luke into a God.

How Google Translate turned Luke into a God.

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Some of you may have seen the WeChat link to an event that Luke will be attending in Changsha. The original article is obviously written in Chinese, so to understand it I had to get a little bit of help from Google Translate. This is what I got...

Acacia know what day meet God --Epic grade tasting, Luke will meet with

Each master in his field to accomplish something, and when I saw their names will always let me have physiological responses.

For example, see Essay master Mr. Blan name, my mouth will not stop streaming down; see Yang Zhichun name will laugh, like someone pull my armpits, I could not help laughing; when I see when to Cang teacher's name, I can not help but blush.

And see Luke Nicholas name, not just me, you certainly can smell the aroma from hops aroma mixed with mango, guava and other tropical fruits. Because he is a hops to play to the extreme beer master.


Luke is New Zealand's top craft breweries EPIC owner and chief winemaker.

EPIC winery is one of the world's top ten by media authority judges wineries, top-ranked New Zealand winery, the following is part of the honor winery obtained is sufficient to prove the "top" is the word.

BEST of IPA 2016 - New World Beer Awards 2016 BEST PALE the ALE - New World Beer Awards

BEST of IPA, 2015 - NZBeer Awards, 2015 BEST of IPA - International's Australian Beer Awards, 2015 BEST of IPA, Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival

Luke is the beginning of Steaming Brewing Winery most talented winemakers by his leading products are brewed in 1999, 2001 and 2006, won the gold medal in New Zealand's largest local beer. In 2007, when the winery EPIC brand sold their chief winemaker Luke, and continue to help Luke production.


Luke is internationally recognized New Zealand's first beer winemaker, and has been invited to participate as judges in 2006 WBC, as well as the 2009 British JD Wetherspoons International Real Ale Festival, New Zealand became the first person to promote the development of craft beer.


Luke and Dogfish head winery boss Sam join the "Discovery" program "craft beer guru"

Luke believes in the New World beer war, "it is the source of all hops" It was his theory, according to his theory produced "Hop Zombie" per 355ml wine on the addition of 50 units of measurement hops. Hops in New Zealand is very unique and little production, Luke is personally go hops park visits and park package under five hop varieties and batches, to ensure its own production.


This is the first visit to Changsha Luke, he will bring his level of God to the big guy a beer tasting, this level of master himself to lead our tasting, this grade level in Changsha and is unique, no more words, September 27 Kazakh number TAPROOM see.

Do check out the original post - Hopefully you can get a better translation than I did. Regardless, it's awesome to see that our beers and Luke are  really well received in China.


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