Each year, one style of beer is highlighted during BrewNZ. This year, brewers have been tasked with the challenge of creating a 'Festive Brew' around the tastes and characteristics particular to Pale Ales. Each 'BrewHQ' bar will be featuring at least one of these Festive Brews for consumers to taste for the first time. At Epic we decided to add a few more hops to a brew then we normally do with Epic Pale Ale. This brew we call Mayhem. Notes about Mayhem as supplied to BrewNZ. "We have set out to wilfully maim and cripple the palates of the most extreme hop head. This act of wanton destruction is in the true spirit of what festive brews are about, to create something unique and fun. It is our intent to create a violent and needless disturbance in your olfactory senses. The riotous confusion, from the unnatural amounts of dry hopping, will leave your palate satisfyingly violated after having just one taste. Only the brave can be assured to tame this hop insanity." 5.5% alc/vol Mayhem is on tap at the Malthouse 7th - 9th September 2006

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