"The hoppiest beer I have ever had"

I recently got an email from Ben at pint.com.au asking about Epic in Melbourne (sorry we aren't there quiet yet) and followed the link to his website pint.com.au, and found a forum on New Zealand beers, and it has a thread on Epic Pale Ale. Seems like a relatively new site. Here are the comments from the forum on Epic Pale Ale. "I was recently in a bar in Napier on the East Coast of the North Island of NZ. The owner recommended that we try a beer called Epic. And I have to say it was the hoppiest beer I have ever had. The aroma was amazing and the taste was similar. It claims to have 15 different hops in it but I suspect that a large quantity of Cascade is used. It had a slightly harsh hop aftertaste but nothing too bad. If you are in NZ I recommend that you try this beer. You can find a list of outlets at http://www.epicbeer.com" By: Ben Hamilton "Yes the Epic Pale Ale was amazing. The aroma was incredible, similar to Little Creatures Pale Ale or Sierra Nevada Pale but perhaps stronger. I reckon the Wigram beers from Christchurch were wonderful too. They also had great packaging. Though I must say I was surprised that manstream NZ beers have even less flavour than mainstream Australian beers!" By: huntfactor See the pint.com.au forum

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