Believe the hype

I’M loving Epic Pale Ale at the moment. The label claims to be "Making the world a better place with beer", and for once the advertising hype is true. This beer is all good. It’s got a lovely aroma, not strong, of dust and old citrus rind with all the sweetness removed. In the mouth there is a huge grapefruit character and bucket loads of hop power. Resin comes through as well, along with the grassy flavour you get from sucking on a grass stem on a summer’s day. The Supreme Champion in the 2006 NZ International Beer Awards, Epic is just bigger than the average beer, more fruit in a curiously dry way because the fruit is citrus. It’s too strong for delicate food, but a great match for flavoursome, salty meats and stews. I’m going to try this Auckland thriller with everything. Full Article - Capital Times by Aaron Watson

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