Chromium "Chromatic" Ale

Chromium "Chromatic" Ale

THE HARDEST METAL Chromium as an element is present in brewer's yeast, cereals such as barley, hard water, and foods prepared in stainless steel vessels. Therefore one could assume that beer is a potential source for your daily intake of Chromium. This isn't a health or medical endorsement for this beverage. What it is, is a really cool name for a beer right? Something new and shiny for the spring and summer seasons. About the beer We thought about what would be a great beer taste for Spring since it is right around the corner. The idea started as an Amber Ale but sometimes they can be too malty, so this is a Pale Ale with more malt flavour, sweetness and a bit more body. This beer doesn’t have any funky random ingredients, just a really solid flavoursome beer, that you could have a couple of pints with friends. The name is really random though. It was based on the finish we wanted on the label, and we found out from some research that Chromium is an element present in brewers yeast, barley, water and foods prepared in stainless steel. Who knew? A typical big hop forward Pale Ale you have known to expect and love from Epic, but the difference is the extra malt body, malt sweetness and subtle nutty malt flavour. The Shield has a 24 which is close to the number of hops but also is the elemental number on the periodic table. Silly name, awesome beer.

ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 30


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