EPIC Taste Challenge at Regional Wines with Geoff Griggs

Beyond the Pale (Ale) Kiwi Ales take on the World! Thursday 24 or Friday 25 August, 6.00 pm start, Cost $25.00 pp, Limit 30 places each night There are a myriad of different members of the ale family, from fruity, quenching, golden styles to roasty, dark stouts and porters. These days New Zealand boutique breweries are crafting some excellent ales right across the spectrum and we thought it timely to see how they stack up against some benchmark brews from around the globe. By way of example, we might put up this year's NZIBA Supreme Champion, EPIC Pale Ale up against Little Creatures. Or perhaps Three Boys IPA "head to head" (excuse the pun) with a classic British IPA. Stout against stout, mate against mate! In each case we will serve the beers blind, in pairs, and let you vote on your favourite. Who will come out on top the freshness of the colonial upstarts or the class and refinement of the classic styles from Europe and elsewhere? As usual, Geoff Griggs will present a fascinating evening. Don't miss it! Visit Regional Wines

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